Class: ABM.Link

Defined in: src/


Link connects two agent endpoints for graph modeling.

Variables Summary

id =

Unique ID, set by BreedSet create() factory method.

breed =

The BreedSet this agent belongs to.

from =

My two endpoints, using agents. The first one.

to =

The second endpoint.

color =

The links' color, an RGB array. Defaults to light gray.

thickness =

Thickness in pixels of the link.

hidden =

Whether or not to draw this link.

label =

A text label

labelColor =

The color of the label text.

labelOffset =
  x: 0,
  y: 0

The x, y offset of the label.

Instance Method Summary

Constructor Details

# (void) constructor(from, to)

Initializes instance variables.

Instance Method Details

# (void) die()

Remove this link from the agent set.

# (void) bothEnds()

Return the two endpoints of this link.

# (void) length()

Return the distance between the endpoints with the current topology.

# (void) otherEnd(agent)

Return the other end of the link, given an endpoint agent.

Assumes the given input is one of the link endpoint pairs!

# (void) draw(context)

Draw a line between the two endpoints. Draws "around" the torus if appropriate using two lines. As with Agent.draw, is called with patch coordinate transform installed.

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